SLIPPURINN, is a family runned modern eatery located on the little island of Heimaey in Vestmannaeyjar. The building itself used to be a Machine workshop that served the old ship yard and is the oldest cast concrete building on the island, and has play a very important role in the industrial history of Vestmannaeyjar since 1912.

The philosophy is simple and honest, everything is cooked cooked from scratch using the best ingredients possible in season. The vegetables from farmers on the south coast and then the fish market is next door to get the freshest fish possible. Wild herbs, seaweeds, berries are foraged everyday and then the rest is grown in homemade greenhouses. 

Old traditional cooking techniques, such as drying, salting, pickling, fermenting, smoking are being used and  combined with newer techniques to create carefully crafted dishes.

Runned by a family of four Auðunn (father & alt muligt man), Katrín (mother, head waiter & herb farmer), Indíana (sister, general manager & designer) and Gísli (brother & head chef).

The drink program is a big thing for Slippurinn as well as the food with homemade infusions and syrops from herbs and plants from the island.


Slippurinn Eatery
Strandvegur 76
900 Vestmannaeyjar

+354 481 1515




A short video about our family run eatery in Westman Islands, Iceland. Westman Islands are one of the main fishing villages on the south coast of Iceland.

This video was shot and edited by Arnar Hugi Birkisson, owner of Huginn Productions. We´d also like to thank Retro Stefson for allowing us to use their music.